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Youtube Channels To Follow

Youtube has been our source of inspiration, knowledge and growth. We are basically what we watch so one must be really aware and alert about the content we consume. So we have compiled the list of the channels to follow on Youtube.

1) MostlySane:

A female youtuber with more than 6 million subscribers. Surely, for a man it is not easy to watch her videos as she is female. But she is just commendable in the content she creates. It inspires you to be yourself and be fearless. Definitely a terrific example not just for women but for men too. She makes comedy skits, and her real talk tuesday sessions guides you on her perspective about life.

2) Dekho Suno Jano:

The name is self-explanatory. It is a Pakistani Youtube channel and it is in Urdu Language with more than 1 million subscribers. We know we all find Urdu boring nowadays but trust us this channel is no less than any English knowledge channels. With the use of animations, they make informative videos on famous personalities of all time, history of Pakistan, series on American History and Ottoman Empire. It does not seem like a typical Pakistani channel. So guyz this is a must watch to find an easy way to learn about such things.

3) VisualPolitik EN:

If you like or want to know about the international relations and politics, this channel is a guide book for you. You will be guided in detail about what is happening and the background of every event. In a very easy and convenient way, you will be able to know about the global politics which your local news channel will not tell you about or at least not in that way. This will expand your mind and you will be able to compare your country with others.

4) DW Documentary:

Another channel for inquisitive guyz. This channel has tons of documentaries on rare topics. Their research is thorough and comprehensive. From covering Indonesia's small children who smoke to Pakistan and China economic partnership, they are trying to bring the truth to you as far as you have the patience to watch almost an hour video of theirs. This channel would be really helpful for your research assignments too.

5) Dr. Vivek Bindra:

Don't go by the name, it is not a hospital channel to give you health tips. This channel is about business. Dr. Vivek is a motivational speaker who delivers session all over India. He uses different case studies of international businessman and rags to riches story. Those who want inspiration or guidance on how to start up a business or you want to expand your business, this 20 minutes video channel is awaiting you. Trust us, it is easy to understand and can be a crucial channel to change your life by changing your ideas about business.

6) Oxford Union:

Oxford Union is a prestigious debating platform, based in Oxford. For almost 200 years they have been the world's foremost debating society, allowing inquisitive members to hear new ideas and debate the issues of the day. They bring topics that would expand your horizons and you will never be a dogmatic and ignorant guy. It encourages you to think and do not stick to your point of view. Debates on topics such as Islam is a peaceful religion, feminism, time to rethink democracy, etc., are simply going to make you wonder about your previous beliefs on such issues. Do watch it if you like to debate about bigger issues tackling the world.

7) Beerbiceps:

Last but not least is "beerbiceps", another creator that guides youth to be yourself before you get too old and weak. The podcaster brings celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra and Ayushmann Khurrana to not talk about films but about life, spirituality, success and faith. The podcats is not fake but lively and colloquial. It is really intriguing and especially for youth a roadmap kind of thing.

So, that was our list. Though there are other channels too, they are the ones which we should have written. They have helped us grow. We hope they would contribute in your life too. Try them once at least!