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Tech Giants After Our Data

The current whatsapp policy has suffered a huge backlash over privacy concerns. People are worried about whether their data is safe or not.

Now just look at the scenario. Google was made with the aid of CIA. Facebook faces a lot of criticism over their mishandling of our data. Cambridge Analytica scandal is just an ounce of it. Huawei is facing criticism over their connections with the Chinese Government. One just wonders that our lives are dependent on these tech giants and they are all involved in some sort of unethical activity. We human that means are worthless and merely a tool to be used for someone's interest.

We use these apps to communicate with our friends, family, colleagues, etc. And these are all our private talks. That means no one has the right to see them without our approval. Will Mark Zuckerberg share his conversation (private ones) to the greedy people after everyone's data? Will he be willing to sell this data on the dark web also? We are in this world and we do not want to be held accountable for everything we do in our private time. We are no Prime Minister or President of a country who have to declare everything before the public for national interest.

We have right to feel safe, but how can we feel safe when every tech giant is after our private information and just waiting for the correct moment to sell our small joys, our conversations, our preferences to some corrupt and greedy people, who have no feelings at all. Who have given them the right to make our lives vulnerable?

Safety is a priority and we appeal those websites and tech giants to shut down their giants if they have to do this only. We do not want entertainment if it comes at the expense of our life. If you cannot give us safety then you do not deserve our attention-from which you make money.