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Being Alone In Digital Age

You must have heard the term "leave me alone", but what if we are in actuality remained alone? First time in the history of humankind, we have an alternative of friends - our smartphones. They do what the humans used to do. They interact, entertain, provide news and especially let the time pass.

Coming back to the question, we can really be alone without any serious trouble as all our needs would be fulfilled anyway. For the social animal, we have the "social media" now. You will not be called beast anyway. This make me think whether blood relations would have any importance in the near future. As we can see, we sit together but we are not together. We have our own very private life. So blood relations will only have blood left in it as relationship would be a question mark or a matter of choice.

In my opinion, this is the best thing because reality has been exposed. We need people only for our own interests. There is no such thing as relation but partnership - you scratch my back and I scratch yours. People would do whatever they want to do. Breakups, deaths, accidents (of others), they will not hurt anymore. Everyone can socialize now without worrying about their physical looks or deficiencies.

So thanks to this revolution, now it is a life of our choice. We can unfriend, unfollow anyone wherever and whoever we prefer. And for people who hate physical people, have digital people who cannot hurt you easily or only digitally (which is still bearable).