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Social Media And Social Pressure

Today social media has become an indispensable part of our society. Everyone is busy following people and social trends. The one who is not on social media is seemed as an awkward guy. However, all this social media trend also has a dark side, too which needs to be focused and reviewed.

Due to the rise of social media, social pressure has been increasing. People watch each other and try to become better than other. This is something which builds the pressure, because not everyone gets the same amount of likes or followers as others. People who belong from poor economic class are suffering from inferiority complex, as they begrudge others who can afford the latest styles of a society. Those branded clothes and gadgets are not something that everyone can afford.

In the past people did not have much awareness about others that what do they wear and what types of brands are there, and when they have awareness, this is something which makes them think that they can not be them and that is something which leads towards depression. Ignorance is bliss as it is said was the case for such people but the problem is that they are no more unaware so they are not blessed anymore.

Every trend is followed madly no matter people really want to follow it or not. These illogical trend-following is making them dumb and less critical about things. They follow trends just to assert that they are also part of the society and we are no different and should be accepted by the people.

Social media claims that they have given voices to people and now these people can be heard all around the world and the social media has promoted equality. But if everyone is just following everyone in fear, then I do not think any bigger change has come to the world. Only celebrities are heard as they used to be in the past but there are very rare examples in social media where an underprivileged guy has become famous and has been heard by millions of people.

We should get worried about the upcoming generation who will have social media at a very young and fragile age. They will become obsessed with it and will be indulged in such absurd things and customs from the beginning. They will not be able to think and be creative in such scripted media which tells you what to do and what not. The kids now-a-days are less social despite being on the social media. They do not talk much as they are busy following other things. This is taking them away from human connection which teaches them values and importance of other human beings.

So, the social media might be a great entertainment for everyone but there is a cost to it which needs to be revisited. Everything that glitters is not gold!