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LG To Reveal K8 And K10

LG is all set to reveal updated editions of K8 & K10 on the event of Mobile World Congress, LG informed media in a statement. This new update will have improved cameras with high speed auto focus and noise reduction for better low-light photography.

K8 & K10 will be ready to sale in three colors Moroccan Blue, Aurora Black and Terra Gold. K8 & K10 are mid-tier handsets which suits majority of people.

Ha Jeung-uk, senior vice president further said in a statement that..

LG's 2018 K Series range of smartphones is focused on delivering even more value to consumers looking for the right device that fits their lifestyle and needs

We hope LG can make an impact on the market by introducing these phone. This is good thing that competition between smartphone manufacturers is increasing. This would provide users better product in affordable price.

Syed Tanzeel Ashfaq

Syed Tanzeel Ashfaq is Software Engineer by profession and has over ten years of experience. He loves to express himself through blogging about Information Technology, Software development, Urdu literature, Islamic history and several other topics.