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Samsung To Release Galaxy S9

According to news Samsung is all set to release its next flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9 next month. Most probably this release will be on the event of Mobile World Congress. MWC will commence on February 26, 2018. So it would be the best moment for Samsung Galaxy S9 release.

News are there that Galaxy S9 Plus will also be unveiled. Keeping in mind that Galaxy S9 will be successor of S8 and S7 which had battery and camera issues. We hope in S9 release these issues will definately be fixed, otherwise Samsung will bear to lose customers entrust.

About the specs of Galaxy S9 there are nothing but rumors. There is a rumor that rear fingerprint sensor will be relocated to below camera. Company chief also said that they are planning foldable phone this year. What do foldable mean, we have no information.

So lets wait till next month.

Via: TheVerge

Syed Tanzeel Ashfaq

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