Huawei The Next KING

Once iOS ruled the smartphone industry but it is on its decline now and new players are emerging and taking the place. Initially Apple and Samsung were the big giants and had competition, while the others were not even near to them. It's been over an year that Huawei is emerging very sharply and has now become the second largest smartphone company.

Samsung enjoys first position, Huawei second and Apple is on third and if Apple does not produce something impressive it won't be able to secure even its third position. This rating has been told by Counterpoint Research, a Technology Market Research company. Though Apple has to introduce iPhone 8 which may affect its standing but Huawei is moving ahead very aggressively.

According to Counterpoint Research this lead may be temporary but in near future Huawei will regain its position if lost.

To maintain its position Huawei will definitely introduce new and quality products to have an impact on customers. Huawei will also keep in mind the pricing factor. In order to gain market share it will have to maintain its quality in affordable price.

The whole scenario will become more clear how users take the release of iPhone 8, till then lets keep our fingers crossed.
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