Samsung W2017 Flip-Phone; Blend of Two Decades

Samsung W2017 Flip-Phone

It feels strange, in a short time after the launching of the premium Galaxy S8, Samsung still feels a need to launch flip phones. It launched the Galaxy Folder in 2015, the Galaxy Folder two in 2016, these phones had restricted availability. But now Samsung-W2017 is ready to jump in the market.

It Seems to be a market trend that companies like Samsung and Nokia are releasing their old legend phones. We earlier covered that Nokia was releasing 3310 phone with new features. This time Samsung has decided to reintroduce flip technology with new features in the form of Samsung-W2017.

The flip phone, named Samsung-W2017, options lot of amazingly high-end specs, as well as a 12MP rear camera, 5MP front-facing camera, 64GB of storage, and fingerprint scanner. It’ll be water and dirt resistant. Its 2,300mAh battery is charged wirelessly. It is predicted that it will be in market with high quality modern features.

Now it sounds like Samsung might release in small number of countries you'll be able to get the W2017. Anonymous telecommunication carrier official told Electronic News that the phone was coming back to Korean Peninsula presently, however could not ensure a precise launch date. It’d conjointly pop out as a special edition.

It's still unknown where else the phone will be available for sale. We're hoping it comes to more countries, if only for that really great nostalgia factor. And obviously, we will welcome it by heart. It will have the sweetness of past memories, encouragement of present and suspense of future. We are here to welcome Samsung-W2017. 
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