Friday, 22 June 2018
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Two Reasons Behind Q Mobile's Success

Smartphones are no more luxury, now a days it is a necessity. As the world has seen tremendous growth and evolution in the smartphone industry, Pakistan too is not far behind. Last year's statistics of smartphone usage indicated that Pakistan is the 5th largest smartphone market in the world with almost 40 millions smartphones are being used countrywide.Mostly Android is the most common Operating system that is being liked by many of the smartphone users around the Globe and in Pakistan. Though Apple phone is still the dream for almost every smartphone user but its high price and outdated specification does not make it a choice for the vast majority. Android google backed powerful internet applications and user friendly interface has been the key factor behind the success of smartphones.Though it was Steve Jobs who created the world's first smartphone but it was google who took the smartphone industry to the new heights. And with the ever growing rise in the demand for android based phones, hundred of manufacturers across the Globe are making smart phones. Gone are the days when only Samsung or HTC were supposed to rule the android smartphone market, brands like Huawei, Oppo and LG are not only cheap in prices but also give users a massive technical specification and excellent phone cameras. Competition in the smartphone world is stiff and profits are thickening by every passing year. Brands like HTC Sony and LG are reporting losses. In these tough times of competition the rise of QMobile in Pakistan seems a dream come true, perhaps a phenomenal success story.

Launched in 2009, QMobile gradually discovered the fact that Pakistani market after the demise of Nokia needs a brand that is not only affordable but also meets the standards of modern day smartphones. Infact big brands missed the trick and QMobile by adopting the KISS (keep it simple stupid) strategy won the big share of Pakistani market. According to the latest data of smartphone market share in Pakistan QMobile is the number one smartphone selling brand in Pakistan with 68 percent of Pakistan's smartphone market share. QMobile caters the needs of all income groups and age groups of domestic market. From low range to midrange to the ultimate high range, the company offers every kind of phones. Company Z series and noir are the brands popular with urban and middles class Pakistanis. A company that started the smartphone business by copying the phone designs from the China's markets in early days, this is a huge success. Now this company has its own research and development department, design and marketing departments. This victory and success is the result of dependending and executing the two major factors of marketing. Pricing and promotion. QMobile studied the market better than samsung and HTC, while all the branded and imported phones cost around 45 to 60 thousands Pakistani rupees, QMobile with same features can be bought roughly from 15 to 20 thousands. This pricing strategy and a good compact feature smart phone attracted the Pakistani smartphone users and if this was not enough the company invested hundred of millions in marketing.

Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Fawad Khan and other big stars were hired for brand endorsement and it paid off enormously, with such big celebrities endorsing the brand, QMobile was successfully able to draw attention of Pakistani smartphone users to its brands like Noir. This was a risky gamble as mostly smartphone companies first invest more and more in research and development, phone design and features and then spend the remaining budget on marketing, but QMobile played it differently they spent the huge amount in marketing and advertisement and after attracting the people and creating a space for their products they started spending on R&D and design. Companies like Oppo are trying to copy the formula of QMobile by signing big celebrities but QMobile has already conquered the market. People now trust the brand name of Q. This success story of QMobile is an example that without taking risk there is no way to go to the top. Calculated risk combined with Ps of marketing and a strong software and designers team are the reasons behind the success of this elegant Pakistani smart phone.