Google's Pixel Phones Ready To Hatch!

This year 2016, is full of surprises in the field of information technology, mobility and innovations. August 2016, saw the release of Samsung Gear S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7. In September 2016 we witnessed the release of iPhone 7/Plus. Samsung Note 7 faced battery issues so it was called off over the globe. iPhone 7 faced camera problem, some say it was not up to the mark. But surprisingly iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is out of stock, as was expected.

Now, it is turn of internet search engine giant Google to show its muscles on October 4, 2016. According to the news Google will release it smart phones under Pixel and Pixel XL flagship. Now this will be in-trusting if Google produces quality product it will have its full share, as both smart phone giants have produced smart phones that were not up to the mark.

We have leaked image of Pixel and Pixel XL, although these are not official but are circulating over the web. Officially they only have released the video in which we can see a text area being converted to rectangle showing it to be outline of a smart phone. Oct 4 is mentioned on the video, obviously release date, and four dots transforming in Google's "G".

Operating system for these devices will be obviously Android and they will be using Nougat version, the latest one. Which means Google is ready to give both Samsung and iPhone tough time. They both will now have very low margin of error if Google succeeds in producing a gem. Pixel will be made by HTC another smart phone manufacturer.

As far as prices of these smart phone are concerned, it is speculated that it might be $99 for Pixel and $119 for Pixel XL.
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