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Pakistan To Have Own Video Streaming Platforms

If we talk about online streaming of video content, instantly few brands come in our minds, YouTube and Netflix. YouTube has content of multiple users and streams without any fee, but display advertisements. Where Netflix is paid membership website which streams smoothly without any annoying ads. Number of Pakistanis have purchased membership of Netflix causing outflow of wealth from Pakistan.

Viewing this Ministry of Information & Technology decided to have its own video streaming website of same level of Netflix. This was announced in October 2020. PEMRA a regulatory authority has chalk out the terms and conditions for this.

Not only the government sector, there are also other people in private sector players who have shown their entrust in having their own online streaming website. In a number of social media posts they have announced the brand name of UrduFlix, most probably we will have first OTT in January 2021.

These platforms would have Urdu dramas, films, documentaries and reality shows. This would also include dubbed content in Urdu.

This area has a huge potential. People love to have original and quality content. In recent past on Netflix, they released dubbed season Money Heist, which was a huge success and generated record revenue. Money Heist gained 8.3/10 rating on IMDb.

On the other hand in Pakistan there are number of Seasons which were released on online streaming platforms.

"Churails" released on ZEE5 gained attention and was much appreciated by audience. First season was released, viewing the success of the first season, they have now decided that they would continue "Churails" for season 2. Churails has gained 8.5/10 ratings on IMDb.

So let see and hope, how this flourishes.

Syed Tanzeel Ashfaq

Syed Tanzeel Ashfaq is Software Engineer by profession and has over ten years of experience. He loves to express himself through blogging about Information Technology, Software development, Urdu literature, Islamic history and several other topics.