Wednesday, 25 November 2020
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Huawei To Develop Its Own Mapping Service

After the sanctions imposed on Huawei by America it was decided by Huawei to develop its own operating system which was named HarmonyOS.

Huawei is ready to develop its own mapping service. According to the reports by China Daily Huawei will release mapping toolkit in October this year, which will connect mobile apps and services with local maps replacing Google Maps.

This service has been named Map Kit which will be available only to the developers after the release in October.

According to Huawei consumer cloud services president Zhang Ping'an Map Kit will be available in 40 different languages. It will support real time traffic, navigation system and augmented reality features.

If America restricts Huawei not to use Google services completely this Map Kit will be used as an alternative for harmony operating system third party apps which depends on Google maps for location services.

Syed Tanzeel Ashfaq

Syed Tanzeel Ashfaq is Software Engineer by profession and has over ten years of experience. He loves to express himself through blogging about Information Technology, Software development, Urdu literature, Islamic history and several other topics.