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Pakistani Doctors Manufacture Artificial Skin

In Lahore, doctors, and scientists join their hands to manufacture artificial human skin on a big level in private labs. For this purpose, an agreement is signed between the University of Health Sciences and Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PPMA).

According to news, artificial skin which was imported in $900 per cubic-inch would be available in PKR1000 only. We will be able to save the lives of 70% burnt persons by using this skin. With the cooperation of doctors and scientists, the alternate of human skin was made on the local level of Pakistan in 2015.

According to the VC of University of Health Sciences (UHS), Professor Javaid Ikram, most of the burnt people died because of infection and quick loss of water and minerals from the body. 90% of the people whose body burnt more than 70% died. But it will decrease by 20%, due to the manufacturing of artificial skin. And we will be able to save a big quantity of human lives.

Pakistan did not ready the alternate of human skin and it had to be imported but it was out of the range of common people. It was imported on high rates of $900 per cubic-inch, approximately more than 1Lack PKR. Now, some of the Pakistani doctors make this artificial skin on the local level, which will cost only less than One thousand Pakistani Rupees.

In the making of artificial skin, the most prominent person is Doctor Rauf Ahmad. He said that artificial skin will make with the auxiliary skin during surgery or with the skin of buffalos and cows. In the first step, upper skin is removed with the help of chemicals. This process is named as De-apidermalize. In the next step, the skin is de-cellularized to make it useful.

We are hoping positive that this evolution in the health department and research department will make our country self-helped in the manufacturing of artificial skin to avoid the import of skin on high rates and save lives of common people.

Nabahat Shanza

Nabahat Shanza is a professional content writer for iTechHut. Her articles are also published on other sites as a guest blogger. She has a command to write on technology, mobile technology, call center technology, customer services, social issues and many more. In her free times, she writes literature and literary stories of Urdu and English. She is also volunteering for YAROH Welfare Organization, Lahore, Pakistan.