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Most Powerful Car Engine Invented

Shaul Yakobi, Israeli engineer has claimed that he has invented most powerful and efficient car engine which weighs 10-15KG only. Once tank filled with fuel can cover a distance up to 1200KM.

Shaul Yakobi is the co-founder of Aquarius Engines. According to him it has been over several years he is working constantly over this product. This engine has only a dozen moving parts. A man can place this engine over his bare hands.

Aquarius Engines has built its initial version and has claimed that their engine is far better than the latest best engines. Engine's commercial production will commence by the end of 2020.

"A regular engine will weight 150 kilograms; will be combined of hundreds of parts. We have only few parts, less than 15, and our engine weighs 15 kilos and creates the same energy," Gal Fridman, chairman and co-founder of the firm said.

According to Shaul Yakobi the first internal combustion engine was invented over 150 years ago and has remained largely the same until this day. We take hundreds of KGs of engine daily on our cars. Which affects the performance and increases the fuel and maintenance price.

According to Gal Fridman, this engine can be converted into generator once filled full can energize an average flat up to 15 days.

This engine is claimed to be ecofriendly, efficient with best performance.

Syed Tanzeel Ashfaq

Syed Tanzeel Ashfaq is Software Engineer by profession and has over ten years of experience. He loves to express himself through blogging about Information Technology, Software development, Urdu literature, Islamic history and several other topics.