Wednesday, 26 June 2019
/ Transportation / Audi To Launch E-Tron Electric SUV

Audi To Launch E-Tron Electric SUV

After the years of introducing an idea, Audi has at long last propelled the completely electric SUV in the US.

Audi's new expansion 'Release One' is set to hit the buyer advertise by 2019, with a beginning cost of $74,800 going to $86,700.

Audi turns into the first to exploit those new stations with a creation traveler vehicle. The German automaker says that the e-tron can charge at 150 kW or from 0 to 80% in around 30 minutes.

Be that as it may, similar to some other electric vehicle, the greater part of the charging will be done at home and medium-term. For that, Audi has incorporated an 11 kW locally available charger.

"I need Audi to be the main electric vehicle vendor in America over the long haul," said Audi's American President Scott Keogh.

Audi will join forces with online retailer Amazon to offer and introduce home electric vehicle charging frameworks to purchasers of the e-tron, the organizations said on Monday. Amazon will convey the equipment and contract circuit repairmen to introduce them through its Amazon Home Services task.

Audi officials said home charging stations would cost about $1,000, contingent upon the home's electrical framework.

Image Credits: Electrek