Thursday, 25 April 2019
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Saudi Arabia Tests Nap Pods For Hajj

Mansour al-Amer swipes a card to uncover a limited rest unit, reminiscent of Japanease popular container inns. Yet, this case is in Saudi Arabia, where the Muslim Hajj journey starts Sunday.

The kingdom has plans to present case rooms in the western city of Mina in the coming days, as an expected two million Muslim dedicated assemble for the six-day Hajj, one of the five mainstays of Islam.

The free rest units are a piece of new measures Saudi Arabia is revealing this year in an offer to modernize the hundreds of years old routine with regards to Hajj.

The legislature has additionally presented applications for on-the-spot interpretation and crisis medicinal care.

Amer is the leader of a Saudi philanthropy, the Haji and Muammar Gift Charitable Association, which is putting forth somewhere in the range of 18 and 24 container for travelers to rest in for nothing in the coming days.

Every fiberglass case - under three meters in length and a little more than one meter high - highlights a sleeping cushion, clean sheets, cooling and a huge, sufficiently bright mirror.

The units can be arranged on a level plane or stacked vertically to save money on space. "We are continually contemplating travelers and how to make them more open to amid the ceremonies of Hajj," Amer told AFP.

The rest units give an answer for travelers of restricted means who can't stand to book inns on location yet require a snappy rest amid Hajj.

Each napper will have three long stretches of access to the units, which are foreign made from Japan at cost of around $1,114 (1,000 euros) each. At the point when the traveler wakes for supplication time - five times every day in Islam - specialists will clean the case before giving it over to the following explorer.

"The thought as of now exists all around, in Japan for instance, and in a few urban areas over the world," Amer said.

"We trust it's to a great degree appropriate for jammed places in our blessed locales and in Mecca."

In any case, for Hajj, which takes travelers crosswise over Mecca and Mina - two urban communities in western Saudi Arabia home to the holiest destinations of Islam - the units were likewise propelled by the rising notoriety of auto and bicycle sharing.

Image Credits: The Times of Israel