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Super Mario Run’s Recall For Android

80's generation would be well aware with the game Super Mario. It was one of the most played games ever. Nearly every person born in 80's would have played Super Mario Once. Super Mario was developed by Nintendo and was released on September 13, 1985. Soon it attracted not only kids but adults too. According to wikipedia it was highly influential game. It states..
In 2005, IGN's poll named the "pioneering" and "highly influential" title as the "greatest game of all time"
Nintendo America has tweeted about the official date release of Super Mario for Android. Super Mario Run will be officially released on March 23, 2017. On March 23 not only Super Mario Run will be released for Android but its new version 2.0 will also be released. This means gamers will enjoy new features of the game as well. New features are yet to be revealed but we can assume that new feature might be introduction of new characters of Super Mario.

Pricing of Super Mario run is yet be known but we can assume from the version released for iOS was a demo version and to unlock game completely user was required to pay price of $9.99. Super Mario Run was Rated 4+ and is success over iOS platform. It is estimated that it would a success too on Android platform, as Android platform has more users than iOS. Lets wait and witness on March 23, 2017 how Super Mario Performs. 

Syed Tanzeel Ashfaq

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