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Zong 4G Services The Best In The Town

Zong 4G EVO and wingle devices are very popular in the country. Eversince the introduction of these wifi 4G devices, zong has been working very hard to maintain the quality and speed. This is the reason that Zong successfully achieved the sales targets much earlier than expected. The zong 4G devices comes in different packages and forms. A wifi wingle can be bought in 2 thousand rupees and a wifi cloud can be bought in 3000 rupees. These devices are made by huawei. Zong 4G data sims are inserted in them. Data packages vary on the usage, the most common and popular packages are 25GB and 50GB.

If you are a user who only surf net for research or use the net for social media, 25GB package is good enough for you. It costs rupees 1500 a month and usually 10 GB of extra data is given to the new or loyal customers. Add 5GB of promotional scheme data and you are left with the 35GB of data for 1500 a month which is not bad at all. The other popular package is 50 GB data bundle. It costs rupees 2000 a month and 10GB of extra data and 5 GB of promotional gift makes it to 65 GB a month. Now 65GB a month is more than enough, even if you are a internet savvy and a music or movies geek, as you can live stream or download as many as movies games or applications as you like in 65GB.

Another excellent feature of Zong 4G data devices is the excellent speed for surfing the internet and downloading. When it comes to downloading there is hardly any wingle or cloud service that matches Zong. Even the speed and connectivity of these Zong devices are much better then PTCL wingle or cloud, and the efficient and well mannered polite customer service of Zong is like an icing on the cake. You do not have to call and wait too long to be attended by a call center customer services rep, neither do, you have to listen to the useless IVR. People who have experience of talking to the customer service reps or technical reps of PTCL can easily tell you that Zong is far superior when it comes to retaining the customers with the help of a professional and well mannered backend team members.

Telenor recently introduced their wifi cloud services as well, but they are no match with Zong. 50GB of Telenor data costs 2500 a month, that is 500 rupees more than, what zong is charging, neither the users are given any additional GB of data on regular basis.Though Telenor is trying hard but Zong is far ahead. Same is the case with Zong 4G mobile network services as well, where Zong has left the competitors far behind with the help of strong technical setup and pricing tactics. Eversince the introduction of 4G services, Zong focused on creating a massive coverage across the country and then figured out the best packaging for its products by coming up with excellent price packages. When the other competitors were busy in advertising and marketing, Zong was silently grabbing the customers through excellent 4G services. If you are looking for a new 4G Wifi or Mobile data services, or you want to change your existing services, Zong is the ultimate choice. Forsure Zong will not disappoint you.

Syed Tanzeel Ashfaq

Syed Tanzeel Ashfaq is Software Engineer by profession and has over ten years of experience. He loves to express himself through blogging about Information Technology, Software development, Urdu literature, Islamic history and several other topics.