Friday, 22 February 2019
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Telenor Postpaid, The True Champion

Choosing a mobile phone service is always tricky and a tough decision. After all your mobile number is your identity in the modern age. To stay connected with the professional contacts and loved ones, one always strive to choose the perfect mobile service provider. Talking about the mobile service providers in Pakistan, one name that comes to mind is Telenor.
A company that entered the cell phone market very late but gradually with the impeccable and excellent services grabbed the large share of pakistan's mobile market. Telenor entered the Pakistani market in 2008 and unlike its competitors strategies of taking the market by storm, it slowly captured it. Talkshawk and Persona are the prepaid and postpaid packages offered by Telenor and they are so popular that if you have not heard about them, then you must be living on mars.
I switched to Telenor postpaid connection "Persona" in 2009 and since then i had no complaints regarding the coverage area or any signal issue. My travelling took me around the country by road, even in the remote areas telenor services were excellent. After trying Mobilink, Warid and Ufone it was finally Telenor that gave me hundred percent satisfaction. I never faced any over billing issue neither do my services were suspended without warning for the nonpayment of the dues.

Dedicated helpline for persona customers is always there to facilitate the customers. Post paid package has different prices. You can get a postpaid connection as low as 100 rupees a month. Digital services like smart tunes, sports and weather alerts, and telenor apps enhances the smartphone usage experience. Price plans as mentioned before starts from 100 rupees a month and goes to unlimited usage for rupees 1500 and 2500 a month, of course fair use policy applies. If you are unsure which plan to choose, you can go to Telenor Pakistan official website and avail the facility of chatting live to a Telenor customer representative. You can choose a monthly voice, SMS or internet plan by also using "Usage Calculator" on Telenor's Website.
Telenor easypaisa account is another valuable services that is very beneficial if you regularly transfer money or want to do some online transactions. Now considering, that Telenor was launched after Mobilink, Ufone and Warid, the share of Telenor in Pakistan mobile market is a tremendous achievement. Especially when we talk about the numbers of postpaid users, Telenor has won the postpaid share of the market remarkably. Usually Postpaid customers contrary to prepaid customers, do not change their loyalty easily. To win a postpaid customer a new telecom company needs double the efforts and energies with an aggressive marketing campaign.
Telenor by contrast launched its operations in Pakistan very silently. Infact only BTL (Below the line) methods of marketing were used initially. After running the operation for a year or two, Telenor started spending on Marketing and ATL (Above the line) Marketing Methods. Telenor postpaid success story is a result of company's efforts of giving users a long term flawless services with consistency, there were times when the largest cell phone operator tried to stop the progress of Telenor by blocking calls to it's network and by maligning the company through negative tactics and propaganda. But Telenor Pakistan faced all the conventional and unconventional challenges in a very professional corporate way and now stand as the biggest threat to the monopoly of that mobile phone operator. With excellent network of customer service offices and dealerships Telenor mobile services specially postpaid services are matchless and close to perfectionism. If you want to enjoy the hassle free and excellent post paid mobile services, Telenor will not disappoint you.