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AI Chat Bots

A major disadvantage of AI chatbots being so accessible to everyone will be in the form of psychological disorders such as addiction to talking to them.

AI researchers are also trying to train their language models in such a way that it can read a chat with a very close person and get familiar with their moods and talking style. This is happening, the companies making such language models will get profit in the form of billions of dollars.

This dire result would be similar to what happens in porn-addicted youth who do not feel attracted to the opposite sex, in which they lose the courage to make the first move with the person in front of them because they are one from an early age, watching it all happen as a third person.

The most damage of both these things is happening in developing and underdeveloped countries. Because the availability of the opposite sex is a laborious task here, many people find their solution in porn.

In the same way, these people have started looking for a solution to the deprivation like talking to the opposite sex in these AI apps,  and it is going to be a huge market, Psychiatric diseases and dollars.

This has already happened in the form of Snapchat. The creators of Snapchat themselves are earning four billion dollars a year, millions of young children, especially girls, fall prey to habits such as chatting behavior, nudity and having secret relationships in early age.

Even then there was a space in the market where there wasn't a big platform available to send pictures of themselves in privacy, especially to girls and those who are younger.

Especially those images that were only going to be "shown" once, and their insecurity was solved by Californian Developers. They themselves are earning billions but many boys and girls are stuck on just sending their photos. In which they have also become victims of the addiction to show their body artificially attractive.

While Snapchat's use of face filters has grown over time, its primary purpose was to send photos and messages that we don't have the moral courage to read a second time. On the other hand, the use of face filters is also an expression of a kind of psychological complexity in which a person refuses to accept his real existence.

The way the outside world, yes, the rest of the world excluding Pakistan, is advancing in technology and in the case of AI, technology is now completely changing, it has become almost impossible to see the hidden loopholes within it. Every new invention brings new psychological disorders.

So, try to avoid getting addicted to anything in this maze of technology.