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Facebook To Make Digital Currency

Digital currency is not a new concept. Bit-coin, Elto-coin, Light-coin, Atrium, Binance-coin, and EOS are the forms of digital currency in the whole world. These currencies have no physical appearance, but they can buy and sell through the internet, computer and mobile phones.

They are called virtual and cyber currency and they are many times more expensive than the usual currency. One coin of digital currency has the cost between 1 lack to 25 lacks PKR. 

Many digital platforms use these currencies in their business. Buy many countries; including Pakistan do not accept these currencies legally. However, many companies are busy with the preparation of these currencies. And now, world #1 social media site Facebook is also trying to prepare digital currency.

The news revealed by US Today that a US newspaper named "Wall-Street General" pop-up the news that Facebook is preparing digital currency against Bit-Coin. According to news, Facebook is making some experiments with the collaboration of some companies which produce digital currency.

Reports did not clear the date of launching of digital currency by Facebook but it is confirmed that the organization is working with dozens of digital currency producers companies in regard to this purpose.

It is predicted that may be in the next two years Facebook will introduce its own digital currency. It is also predicted that Facebook will introduce any feature of money exchange, which will be useful for billions of people all over the world in business.

Nabahat Shanza

Nabahat Shanza is a professional content writer for iTechHut. Her articles are also published on other sites as a guest blogger. She has a command to write on technology, mobile technology, call center technology, customer services, social issues and many more. In her free times, she writes literature and literary stories of Urdu and English. She is also volunteering for YAROH Welfare Organization, Lahore, Pakistan.