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Artificial Intelligence To Change World In 2019

In the last era, artificial intelligence (AI) has gone from a science-fiction vision to a critical part of our everyday lives. We use AI systems to narrate with our phones through Siri and Alexa cars like Tesla’s interpret and analyze their surroundings to intelligently drive themselves. Amazon monitors our glancing habits and intelligently serves us up products it thinks we’d like to buy. Even Google resolves what kind of search results to give us based on who it thinks we are.

Artificial intelligence algorithms are here but this is only the commencement because in the future AI is gonna change everything. But do we want it to well what exactly artificial intelligence is maybe a good question might be what exactly intelligence is the simplest descriptor is collecting data about the world and using that data to make predictions in the short-long term that applies to both people and machines?

AI systems are already aware to take over thousands if not millions of jobs any that contains a human taking down information from other humans and inputting it into a system is probably to go obsolete so cashiers, receptionists, telemarketers, and bank tellers are all on their way out as self-driving cars self-operating whines and other conveyors from A to B get more complex will also lose jobs like truck drivers, postal workers, courier services, even pizza delivery, factories are also becoming fully automated.

So, our car washes and movie theaters even my job as a journalist is threatened by rapidly improving algorithms that can pleat information and deliver it faster and more accurately. But as society change to accommodate in all machine service worlds it’ll also open up new jobs for the next generation writing software, repairing and maintaining robots and developing new and better systems.

As we develop better AI we’re realizing that it cannot just replace human labor but also think in ways that humans can algorithms that can monitor and procedure massive amounts of information and make assumptions based on patterns in that data are collected to change every avenue of society starting from something small like optimizing traffic patterns over time to figure. Out the best routes to take or how to fix roads and rebuild highways all the way to something much more serious like monitoring increases and disease and stopping them before.

While blocking out competing opinions and information just a few tech monopolies control the latest breakthroughs in date collecting processing and analyzing and while we may hope that AI will help advance our society it may just end up working to benefit the tech industry and only those who can afford to take advantage of cheaper smarter human replacements. Maybe to the detriment of society but for now we just don’t know what the future of AI holds.

Nabahat Shanza

Nabahat Shanza is a professional content writer for iTechHut. Her articles are also published on other sites as a guest blogger. She has a command to write on technology, mobile technology, call center technology, customer services, social issues and many more. In her free times, she writes literature and literary stories of Urdu and English. She is also volunteering for YAROH Welfare Organization, Lahore, Pakistan.