Planet Hotter than Sun, Discovered

Scientists have discovered a planet far from our galaxy which is hottest than our Sun. A planet two times bigger than Venus revolves around its sun and it is at the distance of 650 galaxy years.

Scientists said that the speed of its revolving around its sun is too fast and it completes its whole round just in two days. It means, its year is equal to our two days.

The temperature of this planet is about 4 thousand 300 Degree Celsius. They also said that its age is just 30 Crore years and it is two times hotter than our sun. It only shows one side to the sun. In short words, it's one part is always darkened.

Because of its own hotness and low distance from its sun is destroying it quickly. And its sun produces hot rays of hotness. It was first discovered in 2014, but scientists consider it a part of a fantasy. They work on it for 3 years and now they realize that it is the truth and miracle of Nature.

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