Picture on Wall: New LG TV

Picture on Wall: New LG TV

This era is “smart era”, where the weight bandwidth of human increased but the huge electronics are becoming more smart and small with a lot of features.

The most important and most useful thing in our lives is TV which is considered as a part of our family. People entertain themselves to watch different programs of their interest.

A well renowned electronic company LG recently introduced a TV which can stick on wall like a wall paper. Its thickness is only 2mm to 6mm. and it can fix with wall with a magnet. No one can guess that it is different part of the wall.

It is named as “Picture on Wall” because it looks like a part of wall.

About 10 to 15 years in past, TV was a big box which cover a big space in the room and honestly speaking looked odd. But now technology has changed and gadgets are becoming smarter and having more features. It shows the continuous development in the field of technology.

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