Dancing Robot Tea-Pot: A Blend of Entertainment And Taste

Dancing Robot Tea-Pot

DIYers and PC researcher Paul-Louis Ageneau assembled a biped robot reminiscent of the BOB and Otto robots. However he put his own novel turn on the outline as he isn't an aficionado of their square shape.

Ageneau even outlined the 3D-printed tea kettle himself to guarantee it was exceptionally his. To do as such, he utilized 3D-demonstrating programming OpenSCAD to outline the different parts for the robot and after that 3D printed them in polylactide.

The robot incorporates four servos, two in its hips and two in its lower legs, which are associated with an Arduino Pro Mini and fueled by a 9V battery.

The robot tea kettle can even play its own particular music while moving. Ageneau additionally points of interest how he finished this, saying it should be possible the length of you can interface a piezo speaker to your Arduino board.

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