Smartphones Next Victim Of Cyber Attacks?

Smartphones Next Victim Of Cyber Attacks?

After cyber attack on big organizations, now the personal life of a common man could also be a target of cyber criminals. Yes! this is true, after attacking the computer systems of 150 countries now hackers are planning to hack mobile phone networks to interrupt the life of a common man. Still, hackers are not successful to break the security of cell phones but they are trying their hard to get access to the privacy of cell phones.

Keeping in mind that hackers demand a big amount in the name of “money but coin” after hacking the websites and computers of leading industries of the world. We are going to let you know some precautions which you can adopt to avoid this type of cyber-attacks.

Ignore Non-familiar Emails
Security experts are warning whether you are using a cell phone or a computer, do not open any kind of non-familiar e-mails. This mail can be used for ware and fishing purpose. Opening this type of e-mail, your cell phone or system could infect with virus, and the script under this virus will start working immediately. So, avoid this type of e-mails and never try to open its link.

Install New Operating System
If your system gets infected by virus you could install the new operating system in your cell and computers; it can widely help you to avoid these types of cyber-attacks. Otherwise you can try other options mentioned below.

Make a data-backup of your computer or cell phone. So, that in any case if your device is hacked and the hackers scare you to destroy your data, in this situation you do not have any worry about it. As you have your data-backup.

Install a Strong Antivirus
The most important step you should take is to install a strong antivirus on your device and save it from the access of hackers. You can choose one of the best available antivirus available in the market. For windows the built in software Windows Defender could help you. Just make sure it's virus definitions are up to date. For smartphones you can have any good anti virus available in iTunes store or Play store.

Final Words
Cyber criminals are the fact of technical life and the only purpose of them is to disturb our personal life. But we have to face them and tackle them by adopting some simple precautions as mentioned above.

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