Vbreathe: Smart Organic Air Purification

If you are living in city instead of villages you might have air pollution. This air pollution is the result of industrialization and lack of waste treatment. Smog is another phenomenon which we are facing in today's era. Smog has affected the major cities of sub-continent and major cities of europe as well. The fixture of this is we treat the waste materials in such a way that they may not harm the environment. This is somewhat done in europe but in third world countries there is to be done much more.

Well this is collective approach discussed above but what we can do on individual level? Although the collective approach will eradicate major chunk of the problem but this does not mean we should sit idle and see it happening worse. Every person living on this planet is intaking high amount of toxin on daily basis. Which causes different diseases. To fight with air pollution an australian company has introduced a device which they have named Vbreathe.

Vbreathe, is claimed to be the world's first organic air purification device. It can kill 90% of the poison and can kill harmful bacteria in the aire. Device is technology compliant and can be connected and controlled through smartphone. You can control network of devices installed through smartphone. It Comes in Silver, Black and Rose Gold. Company describes their product as ...
Vbreathe is a family of devices, merging advanced engineering and our own pioneered organic gel technology. It removes 98% of airborne microbes from your indoor environment.

VActive gel is a unique blend of natural organic Australian essential oils combined to produce an amazingly effective defense against mold and bacteria. 

Price of the product is A$119. You can book this product here.
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