Hydrail: Hydrogen Train To Run In Germany

Alstom, a French transportation company has unveiled, a train that runs on hydrogen. This means no more hazardous gas emissions, not more noise and it will be Eco friendly as well. This train is nick-named Hydrail. Hydrail will be running in Germany next year December 2017. This Coradia iLint train will emit only steam and condensed water in the environment. Hydrail was presented to the public last week in Berlin's InnoTrans trade show.

German's local transportation authority as ordered 14 hydrogen trains which will definitely have positive impact on the environment. If it is a success publicly we can see more orders from not only Germany but all other companies in trusted in this train. Netherlands, Denmark and Norway has also shown their in-trust in this train. 94 Kg tank will be installed on each train, through which will energize batteries and it will move the train over 800 km. This train can speed up to 140 Km/Hr. Hydrail will be able to transport 300 passengers at a time.

Via: sciencealert
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