Driverless Minibus Starts Trials In Dubai

As technology graph is on the rise, we see more convenient, more advanced and more sophisticated inventions with the passage of time. In the field of transportation revolutionary inventions are taking place. Earlier we covered story of Al-Harmain train in Saudia, then we saw elevated bus inauguration in china. This time it is Dubai which is taking technology to the next level.

A month long trials of driver-less minibus has started. This minibus is a 10 seater, electrical vehicle and it can accelerate up to 40 kilometers per hour. This bus is developed jointly by French group Easy Mile and Dubai-based Omnix. It can adopt speed according to the environment provided.

Road Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai in a statement said...
Test run was the first and very important stage in our efforts to introduce this type of vehicle into Dubai’s transport network
 Image Courtesy: AFP
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