Uber To Invest In Geographical Data Mapping

Uber, San Francisco, California, United States, based company is all set to invest $500 million in Geographical Data Mapping Project. This set will reduce Uber reliance on Google Maps. For now Google Maps is the biggest source of geographical data mapping. Uber's vehicles are recording data in US and Mexico. This will be a one more step towards "Driver Less Cars".

For this purpose Uber has hired google maps creator, Brian McClendon, and since his hiring he is working on the project. In his recent statement he said that..

The ongoing need for maps tailored to the Uber experience is why we're doubling down on our investment in mapping. Our efforts are similar to what other companies including Apple and TomTom are already doing around the world.

Google Maps are nearly 90-95% accurate in developed countries but in third world countries the are not more than 70% accurate. Where  Uber needs nearly 90-95% accuracy to pick and drop customers.
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