Security Robot "RAMSEE"

Would you believe that you have a watchman whose name is "RAMSEE" but he does not eat or drink nor he needs any cloths to wear? So here is RAMSEE who is not a human being but is a robot.
gamma2robotics is Colorado based US company which has made this happen. This robot can see through dark and can notice very minor movement. According to the company...

RAMSEE: Is a physical presence that autonomously patrols without supervision Provides real-time data: intruders, motion, heat, fire, smoke, gases & more Is a human-machine interface that creates a powerful force multiplier
It can perform following services...
  • Mobile video surveillance
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Intruder, fire, smoke, water, gas and chemicals detection
Company will soon add Fire Suppression Options. RAMSEE can see through 360 degree. It has very sophisticated cameras which can take HD images. If you have number of RAMSEEs you can make a network of them. For more you can watch video...

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