Saturday, 30 May 2020
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Cooltech Smart Refrigerator

Fridge with less electricity bill? Would you like it? Have you ever heard of it?

Fridge is the basic need of every household if we talk about the home appliances. It works almost 24/7 causing increased electricity bill. There are several refrigerators which claim to be energy efficient, but most of the still consume more electricity affecting everyone pocket.

CoolTech has introduce a new innovative technology fridge which can dramatically reduce your electricity bill. This refrigerator is environment friendly unlike old  refrigerators which uses hazardous materials to refrigerate.

Magnetic Refrigeration -- Promising new refrigeration technology boasting several advantages, ranging from lower energy consumption to eliminating the use of hazardous fluids that combine to make it a much more environmentally friendly option than today's standard fluid-compression form of refrigeration.

It is based on magnetic materials, the so-called magnetocaloric effect which causes temperature change if the material is subject to a magnetic field applied under adiabatic conditions. Similar effects occur in other materials when subjected to, e.g., mechanical stress (elastocaloric materials) or electrical fields (electrocaloric materials). The fact that these effects are reversible allows a higher efficiency to be achieved. A 'caloric' material can be used as the active element in a refrigeration apparatus, by subjecting it periodically to an external field while transferring heat to and from it.

CoolTech claim that it has less repair ratio than traditional fridges.

Syed Tanzeel Ashfaq

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