NASA’s Juno Created Earth-Sized Storms On Jupiter

Juno launched on August five, 2011, coming into Jupiter’s orbit on Independence Day, 2016. The findings from the primary data-collection pass, that flew at intervals regarding two, 600 miles (4,200 kilometers) of Jupiter’s moving cloud ace on August. 27, area unit being revealed in the week in 2 papers within the journal Science, in addition to the geology analysis Letters.

Among the findings that challenge assumptions square measure those provided by Juno’s imager, JunoCam. The pictures show each of Jupiter’s poles square measure coated in Earth-sized moving storms that square measure densely clustered and rubbing along.

Another surprise comes from Juno’s Microwave Radiometer (MWR), which samples the thermal microwave radiation from Jupiter’s atmosphere, from the highest of the ammonia clouds too deep among its atmosphere.

We are excited to share these early discoveries, which help us better understand what makes Jupiter so fascinating,” said Diane Brown, Juno program executive at NASA Headquarters in Washington

The MWR information indicates that Jupiter’s painting belts and zones area unit mysterious, with the belt close to the equator penetrating all the method down, whereas the belts and zones at different latitudes appear to evolve to different structures.

The data counsel the ammonia is kind of variable and continues to extend as way down as we will see with MWR that could be a few hundred miles or kilometers. Prior to the Juno mission, it had been familiar that Jupiter had the foremost intense field of force within the system.

Measurements of the planet’s magnetic flux, from Juno’s Magnetometer Investigation (MAG), indicate that Jupiter’s field of force is even stronger than models expected, and additional irregular in form. MAG information indicates the field of force greatly exceeded expectations at seven.766 Gauss, concerning ten times stronger than the strongest field of force found on Earth.

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