NASA Plans To Touch the Sun

NASA Plans To Touch the Sun

NASA wows to start their first and most dangerous journey to touch the hottest planet of the Galaxy, Sun.

Yes, they are eager to jump into their crazy idea. On a tribute ceremony for a famous space-expert Mr. Evegon Parker in University of Chicago, NASA told that they are willing to start their first Robotic journey to touch sun from 31 July to 19 August of 2018 summer.

A long journey is going to begin. According to the description of NASA a spaceship named as Solar Probe Plus is going to circle around the sun on the distance of 40 lack miles from its surface.

It is predicted that this experience of human for the first time will face horrible volume of heat and radiation.

The main purpose of this mission is to find the hidden miracles about the sun and the galaxy.

But this is a simple but terrible thing to keep in mind that sun has the temperature about 5500 centigrade and it may increase 2 million degrees till the summers of 2018.

So, it seems difficult but interesting, we should wish our scientists and NASA best of luck for this unique mission.

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