Contact Lens to Record Videos And Capture Pictures

Contact Lens to Record Videos And Capture Pictures

Ever walked down a street and seen one thing that captures your attention to such an extent that you simply forthwith need to record or photograph it? However within the time that you simply dive into your bag or pocket for your phone, take it out, activate the camera app, it is gone.

Nearly everybody has toughened this. This won’t be the case. Imagine seeing one thing attention-grabbing and every one you've got to try to be blink your eye and you're ready to record or photograph no matter has piqued your interest.

Tech large Sony is reportedly developing a digital lens technology that may assist you record videos and take pictures victimization the lens that you simply are sporting.

In keeping with school website CNET, Sony was awarded a patent in April of 2016 for a lens that may be controlled by the users voluntary blinking; recording video and capturing pictures for the asking. Though the patent was filed might be in 2013 and rewarded last year, it's solely recently got lightweight.

This exciting new technology will certainly become a craze once it comes out. For one, it will satiate would like the requirements of individuals UN agency have a desperate need for capturing each moment that they expertise.

Currently, you won't confiscate your phone at the dining table to require an image of your food and can be ready to save yourself from all the displeased and obvious from those around you.

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