Chess Player Robot: A Shining Star of Taiwan Tech Fair

Chess Player Robot

The annual Computex fair in the national capital comes as Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen seeks to spice up the island’s economy together with her "Asian Silicon Valley" project, nurturing startups and attracting investments from major international firms.

The full-size robot affected guests by taking a pawn piece in a very mocked-up board game.
Inventors say they create by mental act the machine having a spread of uses, from performing on assembly lines to caregiving.
It can recognise the shape of a small chess pawn, notify its brain, execute AI movements and interact with its opponent, said division director Lewis Liu of the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, which built the robot.
Enabled by the intelligent vision system, the robot may also find what proportion is left in your cup to see if it must be refilled.

Taiwan has already introduced a troop of mini-robots going by the name of "Pepper" into workplaces.
They were launched at 2 banks an underwriter in Taipei last year, recreation to music, fidgeting with youngsters in lobbies and leading employees aerobic exercise sessions.

Checking out the automobile models was Taiwan’s Vice President Chen Chien-Jen, UN agency same the government had started associate degree AI science lab with the non-public sector last month and represented the sphere as a "key focus for our nation’s development".

After a hyped year over the video game in 2016, it had been still pervasive with corporations developing new ways in which to use the technology except for diversion and recreation.

Hong Kong firm Zotac displayed its VR backpack that lets the user move around without concern of tripping over connecting wires whereas taking part in a game.

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