Rise Of Digital Media An Opportunity For Pakistan

The way people around the globe get the information has changed. No longer people need to rely on TV to update them on the changing events, or to tell them about new products and services, nor do people need to wait impatiently for newspapers to appear on the newsstands. Now the news is available online and it is updated as it happens whether in written or video form. New technology has made sure that people have different and faster access to information, even when that information changes. Such is the impact of digital media that the world's strongest brands are spending heavily on digital media for marketing.
Nowadays a company cannot even think about avoiding presence on the digital media. This digital media trend growth has virtually killed the traditional print medium.While digital magazines and newspapers offered a new way to view developing news, it has also made some press its victims. The growth of digital media meant that more people were turning to technology to keep them informed, especially since a story is a touch of a button away or the constant breaking news flash on the screens of our smart devices. But it was this new preference which caused the death of print newspapers. It was the digital media that ended the print of some newspapers, notably The Independent which ceased its print edition in 2016.

The Independent’s publisher Evgeny Lebedev made a decision to stop print format and concentrate solely on the online output, which proved to be a better business move than it was to stay with ailing print. So is the case with many Advertising agencies who were focusing on traditional Above the line and Below the line methods of advertisement. With rapid growth in the numbers of internet users, digital media became popular and viewed more than even the television. This resulted in the cutts in advertising spending on TV Radio and Newspapers, and gave way to a new term "digital agency". One can find hundred and thousands of digital agencies offering optimized marketing solutions to the companies on digital media.
Same is the case in Pakistan where the entrepreneurs have realised that digital media is the future. One can see the less number of revenues spent in televisions even from the telecom joints like Mobilink & Telenor. These telecom joints have established their own digital media marketing departments and spending heavily on social media to promote their product and services. This offers a new career path to the skilled people related to Media and Marketing. From content development to graphic design and from search engine optimization to web analytics, the demand for these skills is growing day by day. Even the small and mid sized companies are willing to spend on digital media and thus creating new jobs for the thousands of unemployed in pakistan.
Internet TV and online websites are also becoming popular and can be easily termed as the future of media. Soon there will be countless internet television TV Channels running on internet across Pakistan and this will further shrink the traditional TV channels revenues and viewership. Digital Media is future of the world, and Pakistan can benefit from this trend by producing skilled graduates to cater the need of this evolving industry. If Ministry of Information Technology can initiate workshops and seminars on the use of different techniques on digital media platform, that will not only bring revenue to the national exchequer but also will create thousands of jobs.
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