PSEB A White Elephant

(PSEB) is a Government organization working to promote Pakistan's IT Industry in local and international markets. PSEB facilitates the IT industry through a series of projects and programs. Progress in Information Technology in modern arena is considered the vital aspect and factor of any country's economical and technological growth. Information Technology Sector in pakistan is not only providing income opportunities and business opportunities, but also giving employment to millions of skilled IT professionals. From software Development to networking and from graphic designing to voice and non voice offshore projects, Pakistani IT sector is competing with India, Phillipines and other developing countries. With such a huge amount of investment, jobs and skilled professionals, this sector needs a strong backing by the Government of Pakistan.

PSEB was actually established to facilitate the growing pakistani IT sector and to provide this sector opportunities to compete in the international markets. PSEB over the years has been trying to engage the entrepreneurs from information technology sector, but despite the efforts, it has not been able to win the confidence of entrepreneurs, neither it has been able to help the IT related companies in getting business from international markets. Though this Government organization participates in different exhibitions around the world and invites the members to book a stall or place in these exhibitions to market their services, but this is not enough. Lobbying is always the key to get major share of any business from the international markets and PSEB has failed miserably in this area. Even the midsize and small organization do not trust PSEB. Most of the BPO small and medium firms do not even bother to register with pakistan software export board. The incompetent and visionless management of PSEB is clueless and inefficient in realizing the importance of winning the trust of IT firms and consultants confidence, neither this organization has the capacity to help the new entreper.

Emerging trends and innovation in information technology field makes it difficult for entrepreneurs to get the fair amount of business from international markets, and they have to find it without any Government support. This makes it very tough for the local IT businessmen, as the neighbour India offers full support and guidance to the entrepreneurs and IT sector. From setting up a the business to infrastructure and tax amnesty to marketing, Indian entrepreneurs are getting assistance from their Government. As a result Indian dominance in BPO sector, software Development and design is visible. Even Indians have the majority of entrepreneurs in silicon valley. This results in giving indians a market edge over Pakistan.

PSEB can be utilised to strengthen the IT business in Pakistan by revamping its organizational structure and policies. A think tank within the PSEB is needed badly to understand the domestic and international challenges and business opportunities in the field of information technology. Moreover ministry of information technology needs to work on giving relaxation and assistance to the companies working in Pakistan's information technology sector. Without taking drastic measures and reshaping the policies regarding the IT sector Pakistan Software export board will continue to be a white elephant, and instead of contributing to the IT sector growth,it will always be a burden on National exchequer.
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