New ID Card Thumbs Up To Usman Mobin & NADRA

NADRA's newly introduced National Identity Card is a new technology based smart card tracking ID. This new id card is being named smart card and a chip or a sim is being inserted in this. This electronic chip base card offers many valuable features and services to both the Government and the masses. For the Government this smart card will help gathering an accurate data of the citizens that will help not only in keeping check on illegal activities and immigrants but also will help in documenting the economy.

As this card will be used to send and receive remittances make online payments, MasterCard has already announced its collaboration with this new project. Now this is a big news for the ordinary people as well, the id card will work like a debit card and from paying utility bills to transfer money it will be used as a debit card, this will not only allow people a sigh of relief as they will be free from the hassle of going to different places physically but also will provide minimum risk of identity theft or cyber fraud.

This new smart id card will also provide insurance to the holder in case of accidental death. Pension reimbursements will also be made through this. Live identifications of fingerprints through the chip will also solve many social and political issues. And because of this chip it will become almost impossible to make a duplicate card for any kind of fraud.

NADRA has been working very hard to improve the features of identity card and this new smart id card is the result of these efforts, and dedication of each and every single member of this organization. The recent deal with MasterCard is a great achievement by NADRA. Under the terms of the agreement, MasterCard will also use its next-generation payment processing technologies to process all online payments made by Pakistani citizens for the issuance of national ID cards, passports or any other document provisioned by NADRA Technologies.

This whole concept and idea of combining the national ID card with payment features is going to transform it into a powerful, multi-purpose channel for citizens to carry out financial transactions and will facilitate faster and more efficient delivery of vital government services and NADRA, along with its chairman Usman Mobin deserves a thumbs up for this magnificent effort.
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