HTC 10, An Underdog

HTC 10 is a flagship device of the company released in April 2016. Truly this gem can be called an underdog. HTC 10 can easily beat Samsung Galaxy 7 in performance and sounds department but yet this gem is not recognized and appreciated like Galaxy 7. HTC 10 face is a single sheet of 2.5D Gorilla Glass, which curves slightly at its edges for a more comfortable grip. An opening for the speaker near the top of the phone and an opening for the oblong home button near the bottom includes a fingerprint scanner that HTC claims is the world’s fastest with a 0.2-second scan time. It is indeed fast and better than many flagship.
The phone features a gorgeous 5.2-inch Super LCD 5 screen with Quad HD resolution with a pixel density of 564 pixels per inch, and it is a marvelous display by any mean. The HTC 10 features one of the lowest touch latency of any smartphone in the market. That means the display responds to touch more quickly than other phones. Dubbed “HTC Boom-sound Hi-Fi edition” the HTC 10’s audio system has been entirely reworked. It no longer supplies users with stereo sound. Instead, HTC has come up with a front-facing tweeter in the ear speaker opening and a woofer on the bottom of the phone. Both speakers still include their own powered amplifiers, and the HTC 10 still sounds good during video playback or speakerphone calls. Lower-quality audio files are up scaled and the difference is noticeable compared to other phones the results speak for themselves this beauty HTC 10 delivers an audio experience that blows rivals out of the water.

Other than music quality the phone in terms of performance is the best indeed. 4 GB of ram is enough to keep phone performing very fast even while playing heavy online games on it. A microSD slot can be found alone on the left edge of the phone that supports expandable memory up to 2TB in addition to 32 GB or 64GB of internal storage. On the right edge sits the power button, the volume rocker and the nano SIM tray. Around back a large HTC logo can be seen and at the center of the device with the rear camera lens, a dual LED flash and a laser focus module next to it.
Camera quality has always been a pain point for HTC phone owners. It is good but it has never been good enough to compete with Sony or Samsung flagship devices cameras. But this time HTC has finally managed to put together a camera experience that comes shockingly close to Samsung, iPhone and Sony. The HTC 10’s rear camera features a 12-Megapixel sensor with a sapphire crystal cover, a 6-element lens and optical image stabilization. Still photo quality and video quality are equally impressive on the HTC 10.
According to HTC, the HTC 10’s 1.55μm sensor is 135% brighter than the module on other phones, and of course the f/1.8 lens helps as well front, HTC’s 10 front 5-megapixel camera is also quite impressive. It features an f/1.8 lens along with a screen flash feature, the HTC 10’s front-facing camera is the first ever to feature OIS. Quad Core (2.15 GHz and 2.116 GHz kyyo CPU makes HTC one of the most powerful phones till date. A non removable 300 MAH battery lasts for almost two days on light use and a full day on heavy use.
HTC 10 is truly an underdog and lack of marketing is the reason behind it as HTC is going through a financial crunch. But never the less only HTC could have produced a phone like HTC 10. If you are bored of Samsung and Apple iphone gimmicks try HTC 10 you will definitely enjoy the experience.
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